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Mother's Day is a day where we take the time out to show our appreciation to the woman who has showed us our first glimpse of love and what it means to be selfless. Mother's Day is not only to celebrate women with human children, but women who have fur babies as well. National Dog Mom's Day is celebrated the second Saturday in May. It is a day where we recognize the bond we share with our fur babies.

Dogs are part of our family, whether you planned to get one or even got one unexpectedly. However you ended up with a dog we all can agree that our lives changed for the better. Dogs teach us to have patience, be loyal, drink lots of water, play often, live in the moment and so much more.

Listed below is 6 gift ideas you can get for a dog mom or even treat yourself! Happy Dog Mom's Day and don't furget something for your fur baby too. 😉

1. Dog Mom Vintage Twill Cap

This is a wonderful statement cap that you can where when you're taking your fur baby out for a walk and going to the bark park. Plus, you'll let everyone know what kind of mother you are. Get it today for only $18.50 in our store.

2.Fur Mama T-Shirt

There are various dog mom t shirts around and this one is our personal favorite! It feels so good to be a fur mama so why don't you sport it with your clothing? Get this shirt today for $16.50 in our store. It comes in different sizes and colors as well.

3. Ruff Life T-Shirt

Dog mom life can be ruff sometimes. Especially when daily life obstacles get in the way. This is a great gift for a dog mom who has multiple things going on in her life, but still manages to make sure her fur baby is well taken care of. Shop this look today in our catalog. {$15.00}

4.Personalized Dog Charm

Nothing more says I love my dog than a personalized dog charm from for $25.95. You can add the photo you like and once you get it you can put it on your Pandora bracelet. 

5. Furbo Dog Camera

What’s National Dog Mom’s Day without getting your fur baby something that they can enjoy with you? Treat yourself to the number one best seller on Amazon dog gift, The Furbo Dog camera. With this camera you are able to monitor what your dog is doing while your away and interact with them by throwing them a treato. Only $199.00

6. Relax & Cuddle

This is probably my favorite gift idea of them all. Take the day to enjoy a little TLC with your dog. Go to a spa and get your dog a nice groom too, sit on the couch and cuddle with your dog while binge watching Game of Thrones or make homemade dog treats from the endless diy recipes on Pinterest. Whatever it is that you do on this day, make it enjoyable for you and your fur baby. Free.99

- A Girl & Her Dog

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