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My name is Ashley and this is my fur baby Solomon the Jack Russell Terrier. Solomon has played a big part in my life by being there through my happiest moments and my lowest times. No matter what mood I'm in I always look forward to seeing my fur baby after a long day, taking him for walks, cleaning up after him, dog park adventures, feeding him, teaching new tricks, nap time cuddles, traveling and all of the other great responsibilities that come with having an animal.

I started A Girl & Her Dog because I found myself cancelling weekend plans to hang out with my pup! My family and friends never ask if I want to go anywhere unless they know for sure Solomon can tag along. I also want to connect with other dog parents who love their fur baby or babies :) as much as I do and share how their fur baby has made an impact in their life. 

I’m not sure where this will take me, but I hope my products and blog post will be inspirational and a blessing to you. Keep staying beautiful, strong and smile always!

- A Girl & Her Dog

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