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Hey it's me,

Just a girl & her dog again. It's been a while since my last post and I figured I'd let you all know how I'm doing. I can honestly say the last four months have been life changing and taught me a lot about having faith and trusting God.

I've always been a Christian and was introduced to Christianity at a young age by my mom and grandparents. Especially my grandmother, because I would watch her pray and pick up the bible daily. She even made sure we knew Sundays were for the Lord and during the week we had to attend choir rehersal and bible study. As the saying goes, "I'm thankful for my grandmother's prayers because I'm still here."

I'm sure some, if not all can agree when I say that there is nothing like the love and support from family. Everything we were taught started at home, as we grew up we then decided what we would take and use and what we wouldn't use at all.

As I got older I strayed away and found myself in situations that I shouln't have been in. (I'll talk about it on another post) Once I started to do some self-care and loving myself more I began to pick back up old habits of saying a prayer every morning, taking the time to speak positive affirmations over my life, picking up the phone and having actual conversations with loved ones and of course hanging with my dog.

The last few months I've experienced a lot of dark times and one day after forgiving people who hurt me/ people I've hurt and looking at myself in the mirror..... I decided to make all of my days great, even when I don't feel it. I began to laugh more than usual, eat a clean healthy diet, take myself on dates to see a movie, eat or pamper day and asked God what is it that I should do that will be pleasing in his eyes...

I got my answer when A Girl & Her Dog came about. This business has helped me connect with real life people who have been through the storm and can relate when I say, "I'd rather hang with my dog." Lol or tell them stories about how my dog knows my whole life even though he can't talk back and give me advice. My goal is to reach dog parents around the world and share stories about our dogs, give tips on different topics relating to dogs and let them know they are not alone in the dog parent world. I'm sure we all have a background story as to how we got our dog or even just a story to tell in general. Whatever the story is we never know until we tell it who it will touch or inspire.

If it's one thing I've learned over the last few months, it would have to be I can't do things all on my own. I must have God guiding me, my family for support and my dog to keep me company. If you're reading this I pray that whatever you're going through will pass and you will be a conqueror.

As always, keep staying beautiful, strong and smile always! :) 

- A Girl & Her Dog



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